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Full information about Establishment, finance and insurance agency Staysure Insurance at Britannia House, 3-5 Rushmills Business Park,, Northampton, England NN4 7YB. Find the address of the company, the phone for communication, opening hours, feedback from customers and employees, as well as other information.


Britannia House, 3-5 Rushmills Business Park,, Northampton, England NN4 7YB
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+44 808 169 2840


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Staysure Insurance

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  • sean brady
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Staysure have the art of manipulating feedback down to a fine art! Badger the customer when they have just parted with their money after a pleasant chat (mostly), and then deny all responsibility afterwards if you ever need to make a claim. They then pass you to their underwriters - ERV, who are the rudest, most unsympathetic bunch of shysters you will ever come up against. Cancellation due to the sudden death a parent, brother or partner will all be rejected by quoting some deliberately hidden clause in the screeds of small print. Extra costs incurred due to aircraft cancellations or missed flights will also be rejected. Taking out a policy with this lot is like taking a placebo - it might make you feel better at the time, but it's fundamentally worthless.

    update: I have no interest in contacting you again about this as I have no confidence that you have the slightest inclination to do anything about the modus operandi of ERV, your underwriters. By rejecting everything they keep your premiums down (as they don't have to pay out anything), and you get more business! A win/win scenario - unless of course you are an innocent customer who only finds out that their policy is worth as much as a 10 peseta coin when their holiday plans are affected by family bereavement or other such unavoidable events. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    P.S. I notice you are up to your old tricks of fiddling the review statistics by having employees leave positive 5 star reviews to boost the stats. Edward Soul's review (below) says it's a 'great place to work'. That's as maybe, but I think what the public care about is do the policies that they buy from you actually provide any cover in the case of a holiday emergency or unavoidable cancellation. From my experience, that's where it all falls down :-(
  • Michael Hubbert
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Was charged £10 administration fee because I informed them of a negative investigation into a condition that does not need any alteration to the policy. Their phone line system is unreliable including the ability to leave them a review, I was put through to this but received a message there was a fault. I have an annual policy, dread to think how any claim will be treated.
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